How to Earn Money Refurbishing Furniture

mueblesRefurbished furniture is one of the most profitable and satisfying ways to make money today if you know what you are doing. There is something deeply satisfying about take a down-on-its-luck piece of furniture and reworking it to be like new again; taking the old finish off and putting a newer one on, replacing screws to fix wobbly legs. That sense of accomplishment by taking something that nobody else wanted and turning it into a prized piece of furniture that people will actually pay money for. All that said, like with any financial and business endeavor, refurbishing furniture for money needs to be done smartly to be profitable for you. To help with that you will find a short list of some invaluable advice that you should known if you want to learn how to earn money refurbishing furniture.

Make Up a “Business” Plan

Even if you are going to be earning money from refurbishing furniture on the side, take the time to make a business plan to ensure that your part-time money earning goes in your favor. You don’t have to create a big complex plan, just set perimeters about what you will and will not buy, how much you are willing to spend on acquiring the piece, how much you are willing to spend on refurbishing it, etc. Knowing these things will help you keep your spending and earning in balance so that you are actually making a profit instead of just breaking even or spending more than you’re earning.

Know Where to Look and What Furniture to Use

Earning money by refurbishing furniture isn’t about grabbing everything you can find and slapping a coat of paint or varnish onto it and calling it a day. Rather, it is about making selective choices about the furniture you choose to refurbish because simply put – not everything is going to be worth an effort to refurbish. The best way to start off in this endeavor in the beginning is by finding cheap or free furniture that suits your needs at Craigslist, local thrift stores or in the free/$100 or less sections in your local paper. There you will find a host of furniture items to choose from and you’ll want to find items that are still in fairly good condition, they just need a little TLC to get them looking wonderful again. Look for solid built pieces that are worth the effort, cheaply made furniture probably isn’t worth your time and effort because people simply won’t pay that much money for used, cheaply made furniture.

Always Insure the Highest Level of Quality for the Highest Price

Refurbishing furniture for money is about making a profit and if you aren’t putting the right time and effort into refurbishing the pieces you are wasting your time because your profits just won’t be where they should be. When you find a piece of furniture that needs TLC actually put forth the effort to give it a little “tender loving care”, don’t just slap a coat of paint on it and call it good. Make sure that you turn that worn and aged piece of furniture into a refurbished “vintage” or “antique” piece that looks fabulous and is worth the money to a buyer. If you are constantly selling cheaply refurbished furniture you won’t be able to make much money, but if you sell quality refurbished furniture you will find that the business endeavor is very profitable indeed.

Watch the following video to see how easy refurbishing furniture can be.

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